So the focus of this blog is very much me making notes on how to do cool stuff so others can also learn from what I have learnt. Today I want to write a piece about something that is close to my heart which is CDD, also known as cake driven development.

So what is Cake Driven Development?

CDD is an approach to development that rewards developers for their hard work. It does this by the management providing cake upon the developers achieving a particular milestone or release.

What are the benefits?

The benefit to the management is that it results in a well motivated development team, the benefit to the developers is it gives them something extra to strive towards.

How do I train my team to use the CDD methodology effectively?

The simplest way to introduce this to your development team is to bring in cake after your next release or milestone. You can then do this with each subsequent release and the team will start to associate the act of releasing with getting to have some cake.


Please note this post is meant to be a joke, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate your teams accomplishments however but cake might not always be the most appropriate way to do this (Steak is sometimes more suitable).

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