• Fetch API in the browser, it has happened

    The worst part about working on sites that use AJAX is having to use the XMLHttpRequest API, unfortunately this isn’t always easy as we are using it for things it wasn’t really made for. To get around this developers often use libraries like jQuery or MooTools which provide an abstraction however underlying these libraries is still the same XMLHttpRequest API.

  • How to use your Sass variables inside your JavaScript

    Recently I was working on building a new website and found that I wanted to be able to access my Sass variables directly from within my JavaScript.

  • CDD – A new development methodology

    So the focus of this blog is very much me making notes on how to do cool stuff so others can also learn from what I have learnt. Today I want to write a piece about something that is close to my heart which is CDD, also known as cake driven development.

  • Unit test your code across multiple browsers with BrowserStack

    Recently I have been spending my spare time working on rewriting SimpleStateManager. The project already had a pretty robust series of unit tests however I wanted to improve this further by adding a few more.

  • Ensuring your content is discoverable

    In my last post I looked at how we could prioritise content based on the type of device. The first post was only part of the puzzle you need to complete to build an awesome responsive experience, it’s probably worth pointing out that each post is standalone and doesn’t assume any knowledge from a previous post.  With this in mind, the next area of responsive design we will look at is how we can optimise the site’s navigation to provide good onward journeys regardless of the type of device a user is using.

  • Prioritising Content with FlexBox

    Recently I have spoken at a few events about how we can start to reimagine how we design and build our responsive sites, focusing on two areas; content and performance. These two areas are interlinked in that we want to provide the best content we can for our users and deliver it to their devices as fast as possible. As the first of a few blog posts I intend to write, I want to explain how we can go about prioritising content across devices on a responsive site.