• Ensuring your content is discoverable

    In my last post I looked at how we could prioritise content based on the type of device. The first post was only part of the puzzle you need to complete to build an awesome responsive experience, it’s probably worth pointing out that each post is standalone and doesn’t assume any knowledge from a previous post.  With this in mind, the next area of responsive design we will look at is how we can optimise the site’s navigation to provide good onward journeys regardless of the type of device a user is using.

  • Prioritising Content with FlexBox

    Recently I have spoken at a few events about how we can start to reimagine how we design and build our responsive sites, focusing on two areas; content and performance. These two areas are interlinked in that we want to provide the best content we can for our users and deliver it to their devices as fast as possible. As the first of a few blog posts I intend to write, I want to explain how we can go about prioritising content across devices on a responsive site.

  • An introduction to interaction media features

    Upon reading the draft Media Queries Level 4 (MQL4) specification I am most excited about the new interaction media features. The new media query specification gives us two new interaction media features which enable us to determine the type of input that a user is using, these are pointer and hover.

  • Combining Promises in AngularJS

    I have been meaning to write this post for almost a year now but with all the work that has gone into writing my new book I haven’t had the time. Now I have a bit more free time I intend to start posting on this blog more regularly.

  • How to get that first web developer role

    I just got an email from someone who wanted my advice on how to break into the web development industry, so I thought this would make a good topic for a post so it helps not only the guy who got in contact but also anyone else who may not know how to get started within the web development community. Having been on both the interviewee and interviewer side of the table I am happy to offer my 2 cents and I would love it if anyone else with advice would reply to this post in the comments.

  • Getting past my insecurities by talking

    As a person I am very insecure. I struggle to introduce myself to people I haven’t spoken to before and this something that has often left me feeling isolated. This is especially the case when going to development meetups where often I haven’t known anybody. In this situation I really struggle to introduce myself so the majority of people I have spoken to at events are those who I have either seen speak (so I can ask a question to start a conversation), those that introduce themselves or I have been introduced too.