My latest blog posts...

I host my blog over on Medium however here is a list of my latest posts.

The Web Unscripted: A World Without JavaScript

Journey into a web unscripted! Explore a world without JavaScript and see how it reshapes our digital lives. #AlternateWebHistory Continue reading on Medium »

Unraveling the Tapestry of Tech Job Titles

Unravel the fascinating world of tech job titles in this deep dive! Discover how they reflect the industry’s dynamism, your role, and more. Continue reading on Medium »

Trying out GitHub Copilot on the CLI

Today I got access to the GitHub Copilot CLI beta and thought I would write a short post based on my initial experience. Continue reading on Medium »

5 Mac accessories for developers

Today I share the 5 accessories for my Mac which have really made a difference to how I work Continue reading on Medium »

What does ChatGPT know about me?

Lets have a chat with ChatGPT and see if what it knows about me could be used to violate my privacy Continue reading on Medium »