My latest speaking engagements...

I like to speak at conferences and meetups about topics I am interested in and that are important to be talking about


Embracing Neurodiversity in Tech

Unveil the power of neurodiversity. Through personal experiences and practical strategies, foster empathy, challenge stereotypes, and create an inclusive environment for hidden disabilities. Celebrate unique strengths together.

Halfstack Online

Programatically Performant

Many discussions on performance center on improving website speed. While useful, they don't help identify if there's an issue to begin with. This talk emphasizes gathering data to determine if there's a problem and its effect on your users.

Halfstack London

Being eco-friendly with JavaScript

As developers we have access to huge amounts of data about the world around us. This talk will use live coding to look at the data of the world around us so we can better optimise our lives to be eco-friendly.

Frontend London

Home Automation with JavaScript

JavaScript is everywhere, we run it in the browser, we run it on our servers and it can even run on drones. With JavaScript being so ubiquitous lets take a look how we can extend its use to our homes, using it to make our lives easier and automate those everyday tasks.

London Web Perf

Delivering performant websites every time

Constructing one efficient website is tough, but imagine scaling to 5 or even 80 across diverse teams. This introduces complexities from hiring to final delivery. I'd like to share my experiences with the London web performance community.

London Web Perf

Negotiating for Performance

Developers must advocate for website performance, collaborating with designers for quick user experiences and with managers for optimization time. This talk discusses performance prioritization and the importance of performance budgets in decision-making.


Contributing to open source

The idea of contributing to open source can be really intimidating, this talk goes through how you can get started contributing to open source and how it is probably a lot easier than you think.


Flexbox by Example

Quick talk I put together going through at a high level the cool stuff you can do with Flexbox.

Future of Web Design

Reimagining How We Design Responsively

This is a talk I gave at Future of Web Design about how we can optimise our content and the performance of our sites to build better responsive experiences.